Eat Healthy! And The Catering Industry Must Also Be Healthy!

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Recently, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Catering Industry in 2021″ (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”),

Recently, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Catering Industry in 2021″ (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”), which clarified the policy direction of our city to encourage and promote the development of the catering industry. The reporter learned that many contents such as strict economy, plastic restriction and plastic reduction, and civilized service have been clearly included in the annual development goals of the catering industry, and all-round focus is promoted.

Promote a new style of healthy living-Stores are using environmentally friendly disposable lunch boxes
Since last year, our restaurant no longer provides disposable straws. Now we provide you with straw-less environmentally friendly paper cups. You can drink beverages directly through the lid. Thank you for making them green and environmentally friendly. Many citizens have found that in McDonald’s, all plastic straws have been deactivated and replaced with straw-less disposable paper cup lids, beverage packaging bags have been replaced with biodegradable paper bags, and wooden disposable tableware used for dine-in Knife, fork and spoon.
“Nowadays, take-out merchants choose biodegradable or even recyclable lunch boxes, and it is much more convenient for us to deliver food.” Ma xiaodong, a takeaway rider, noticed that the usual plastic lunch boxes in the past are now used by paper lunch boxes. Instead, many stores have carefully designed exclusive “environmental promotion lunch boxes”, which not only promote the civilization of the table on the outer packaging, but also enhance the brand image and leave consumers with a more unique impression. In our city, many hotels and other high-end catering companies also use aluminum lunch boxes that are more expensive and more environmentally friendly.
The “Notice” just released by our city will bring a “green and civilized wind” on the dining table-the “Notice” stipulates that starting this year, the city’s catering industry bans the use of non-degradable plastic bags and non-degradable disposable plastic straws; It is forbidden to use non-degradable disposable tableware; takeaway catering companies should also implement the “reporting system for the use and recycling of disposable plastic products.”

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